Matariki on The Waterfront : 19th, 20th, 21st July

Written by on July 10, 2013



JULY 19th, 20th, 21st


Make your way down to Silo Park and join in the celebrations of Matariki’s final weekend, packed full of entertainment with music, art, performance, movies and markets.

FRIDAY 19th JULY 18:00 – late

Shutter Pirates and Silo Park present ‘Paper Pirates 3’. The third installation of this popular user-generated photography exhibition coincides with the opening of the final weekend of Matariki.

Taking the theme ‘sharing our world with others’ directly from one of the guiding principles of Matariki, manaakitanga, photographers from around the globe are asked to submit photographs for Paper Pirates 3 printed onto low-quality, reused or recycled paper. The winning submissions will be pasted directly onto the internal walls of Silo Park’s Silo 6 for the duration of the evening, and guests are invited to help themselves to the physical prints that make up the walls of the exhibition.

The guerilla exhibition has an accessible aesthetic which is part traditional exhibition, part immersive installation and completely community- oriented. Paper Pirates has consistently operated without technical or creative requirements of submissions or submitters, providing any person with a camera an equal opportunity to have their world shared on the walls of Silo 6.

SATURDAY 20th JULY 13:00-21:00

Silo Park will open once more to the activations typically operated through summer: Silo Cinema and Silo Market. The famously wide stable of food vendors will offer Silo Park attendees a global variety of street foods, the screen will light up with New Zealand-produced film Billy T: Te Movie, exploring Maori identity in the New Zealand cultural media via one of our most iconic entertainers, while the markets will showcase the innovation and experiences of a varied and diverse group of Auckland’s market vendors. This will be the first Silo Cinema and Silo Market since the events closed for winter back in April.

SUNDAY 21st JULY 10:00-17:00

The Mighty Matariki Market will take over Silo Park on Sunday, the largest market ever seen in the space. As well as the Silo Market faithful, the invitation has been extended to all of Auckland’s existing and upcoming market vendors to come along, set up their stall and bring their A game to sell their foods, craft and activities to the people of Auckland. Alongside the market will be elements of entertainment as sometimes seen over summer in Silo Park, themed for the Matariki Festival and representing different Aucklanders.


A selection of light-based installations will be placed in selected locations around the Silo Park space, exhibiting a range of lit sculpture, projection and performance from a group of artists from around New Zealand. This artistic congregation will make up the interactive details of an exciting mid-winter weekend in Auckland’s favourite new space.

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