5 Years Of Base Breakfast Celebrations!

Written by on July 12, 2013


JULY 19, 7-10am (LIVE) 7b Rose Road, Grey Lynn

* complementary coffee from Fyrefly and Santos Coffee Roasters *
 * fruit platters and delicious smoothies from FruitGuys.co.nz *
 * Converse Chuck Taylor giveaway *
 * Hancock & Co Craft Brewing giveaway *
* Freeview HD Recorder giveaway *

It’s been 5 years since Chip Matthews took the helm of Base Breakfast. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’re hosting a one off radio event with FREE breakfast for all paying tribute this tenacious half-decade milestone.

The Base Breakfast Birthday, happening July 19 from 7 – 10am, will include an array of special guests, incredible music, giveaways and classic morning banter hosted by the die-hard duo and corner-stones of Base FM; Chip Matthews and Dylan C.

Base Breakfast has had many incarnations since the station began in 2004, but by far the most consistent and longest standing host is Chip Matthews, who signed up for the show in 2008.  Chip has driven Base Breakfast from adolescent naughtiness into the mature broadcast of eclectic music and progressive conversation it now boats. Base FM’s musical king-pin Dylan C joined the show in 2009, further ripening the show’s integrity to what you hear today.

Recently voted Number 1 show by listeners during Base FM’s NZ Music Month’s Digital Liberation campaign survey, Chip, Dylan and the Base crew are excited to bring a morning of radio broadcast that will engage the community and make their mums proud.

The Base Breakfast Birthday will include complementary coffee from Fyrefly and Santos Coffee Roasters, fruit platters and delicious smoothies from FruitGuys.co.nz and an incredible prize pack with a MyFreeview Panasonic HD Digital Recorder, a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors and a slab of ales from Hancock and co Craft Brewing Co to sweeten the deal that will include a more prizes to be confirmed.

Radio host and Mainz receptionist by day, DJ and bass player by night, Chip Mathews is a multi talented man who’s been heavily entrenched in New Zealand’s music scene since the mid 1990s. Some key musical projects have been; The New Loungehead, Ladi6, Opensouls, Che Fu & the Krates, King Kapisi, Scribe, Sola Rosa, Anika Moa, Anna Coddington, The Tornadoes, Eru Dangerspiel and Home Brew. Chip began his wrestle with the turntables just over 10 years ago, and has been an integral part of Base FM since it launched in 2004. He’s a staunch advocate of jandels and wears them all year round, and has recently confessed is his secret obsession with elephant teapots. 

DYLAN C Is as serious about music as he is about sneakers.. Actually, he’s way more serious about music! He’s a self confessed record junkie who’s collection would make any music enthusiast wet their pants. He’s been involved in Base FM since it’s inception in 2004 with ‘Headspace’, Saturday’s 2- 4pm, and now hosts ‘Native Tongues’ Monday’s 2-4 (Base FM’s 2nd most popular NZ music snow!).  He also joins Chip for Base Breakfast Wednesday to Friday bringing fresh beats and informative artist interviews to the mix. Often refereed to from Chip as OC/DC, he’s a stickler for detail, and a quiet achiever. His finely tuned delivery is more cautious and to the point than his courageous counterpart, but Dylan C’s modest subtlety is indeed the blue-print of BASE FM.

BASE FM & SPIN 33 | 7b Rose Road, Grey Lynn | Friday 19th July | 7am-11am

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