KVKA & DENZ 1 ‘SSolar EclipSSe’

Written by on November 28, 2016


Local artists KVKA & DENZ 1’s collaborative EP Outlierz is out now on  Black Lotus Records.

Already turning heads by having racked up over one million YouTube plays for his track ‘Who You’, Outlierz is set to further solidify KVKA’s firm footing as a masterful rapper whilst also showcasing his full spectrum of musical talents, including singing and production.

Featuring hardcore hip-hop, boom bap and raw soul vibes, producer DENZ 1 describes how the EP is able to balance the time-opposed influences to bring something completely new to the table.

“To me this record is a continuation of the old school/raw hip hop style put together in a way in which  it might not have been done before. It’s a new take on the traditional hip hop sound” – DENZ 1

It’s this homage to the old school that’s also been an important consideration in their decision to release the record on cassette – fully exploring the ‘mixtape’ legacy to the maximum. In addition, the crew have created some super classic merch items such as embroidered tees, headbands, pencils and writing pads.

The EP was largely recorded at the Stay Savage crew’s Wellington basement studio with additional vocal tracking done at Studio 509 in Kingsland, Auckland. The EP is mixed by sonic wizard Luke Berryman aka DJ Orphan.

Both KVKA and DENZ 1 brought a lot of existing material to the table – including verses KVKA had written when he was just 15-years-old – meaning the EP collaboration was one that came together quickly.

“We were on the same vibe and hit a dream roll. Collaborating in this kind of environment – working organically, and purely on instinct, allowed us to capture the rawness of the project just as it was intended right from the outset.”KVKA

Bandcamp: goo.gl/ZCRDwV
iTunes: goo.gl/K3rdQR
Cassette: goo.gl/ZCRDwV
Spotify: goo.gl/GUwJLv

KVKA: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

DENZ 1: Twitter | Soundcloud

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