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“As a music producer I have always strived to create music with heart, to make something I can connect with, that’s what music is all about. The rhythm of the drums, the hugging bassline and the various layers of sound that trickle through” – Crime Heat

Low Key Source presents: The Headnod Factor – a series of monthly instrumental releases from emerging and established producers across the globe. October’s The Headnod Factor release features Crime Heat with a 4 track Future Beats instrumental release called Nothing & Everything, dynamic in production, soaring melodic synths that journey into the future beats terrain. Music that you can party to, be inspired or just purely enjoy without the danger of monotony.

Crime Heat is relatively new to the music world and prior to launching his solo career as an artist/producer, he worked comprehensively producing with hip hop artist Raiza Biza and as his DJ at a number of sold out venues across New Zealand.

Track 3, Clear starts off sparse with a short vocal sound bite and shakers cascading into a waterfall of sounds, followed by the bass drop. Here, Crime Heat ventures in the future beats trap terrain.


Nothing & Everything is about all things that oscillate between nothing and everything, empty space from stillness and the complexity of busyness. It’s the push toward being nothing and being everything in one breath enough to evolve and grow.


“All the tracks on “Nothing & Everything” came about very naturally, which for me made it very enjoyable and rewarding to create. Yes it may take time sometimes, but I have always believed that quality is more important than quantity. I hope those who hear this body of work go away from it more inspired to evolve and grow their own craft, whatever it may be.”Crime Heat

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