Article Written by Marty Jones After 15 years of owning and running Aotearoa radio station Base FM, owner and Managing Director Jasmin Ziedan will be moving on, with new owners coming on board today. Based in Kingsland, Auckland, Base FM is known across the motu for its bevvy of musical talent, featuring, nurturing and promoting […]

Base FM – 100% DJ’s Choice When Base FM began broadcasting in May 2004 on low power FM frequency, the aim was to bring underground music to Auckland’s inner city fringe suburbs. In May 2008 Base FM became completely independent from any network or other radio station, and within 6 months had launched nationwide on […]

Looking back at some Base FM highlights from the past few years. Here’s a little something about who we are and what we do!

Born in Cairo/Egypt and raised in Herne, a city in West Germany, it only took Jasmin about two decades of travelling the world till she first discovered Aotearoa in 2002 and quickly decided that she likes it here and extend her short holiday into a 6 months stay. Back in Germany, Jazz moved to a […]

Originally from the south of England, Ian Beatmaster Wright relocated to Auckland, New Zealand in 2012. Ian has been a hip-hop, funk, and breaks DJ for over 25 years. Music has always been at the heart of his career which includes; record shop manager, DJ tutor, and club night promoter as well as over 23 […]

The first time Chris ever stepped in the BASE FM studio was to hand-deliver a bacon and egg pie to Breakfast Host at the time, Tommy Flowers, who had put out an urgent call over the airwaves for sustenance on one dusty breakfast morning. That’s community spirit right there. Twelve years later and Chris (aka […]

From the United Kingdom to Kingsland, Nathan is our go to with a camera in hand and the team to match it. Founder of his own business Corp Studio, Nathan brings over 20 years experience in the digital, marketing & media industry to Base FM. He has put the pieces together that form the Portland […]

With a bright and inquisitive nature, Daria is from the small, slow-paced town of Whangaparaoa on the northern outskirts of Auckland. With a passion for live music, she fell in love with the transaction of energy between the artist and audience which unfolds during shows. Daria is drawn to the people, community, and cultural history […]

Born and raised in Auckland, Isaiah’s been working in radio since 2018 and started his own radio station (SILHOUETTE) at the age of 15. Music and tech has always been the center of his passion and there’s no better blend of the two than radio and broadcasting (It’s more complicated than it looks trust me). […]

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