Breaking Artists (October 2020)

Written by on October 1, 2020

‘Breaking Artists’ on Base is a monthly feature where we pick 3 local artists and showcase 3 new tracks we think you should know. All ‘Breaking Artists’ tracks are fresh and featured for the entire month so we can push their music far and wide.

This month’s picks!…

Speakeasy Sideshow – Golden Eye

The new Speakeasy Sideshow Album ‘RumpleDrum’ is out across all streaming platforms!
Tom Everett aka Speakeasy Sideshow Speakeasy Sideshow brings back his wicked rhymes and styles Tom (Speakeasy) was the main vocalist for Aotearoa hip hop group Kolab from 2005 to 2012.

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Reiki Ruawai – Miller

A young Raglan singer impressed The X Factor judges back in 2015 with his performance of the John Legend song “Ordinary People”. A now 20 year’s old Reiki Ruawai brings us his latest offering Miller.


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Seaside Sloths –  ‘Up & Away’

Seaside Sloths are a sloth-themed, cartoon hip-hop/dance band from the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand. Comprised of two vocalists, two producers and two visual artists/animators, they have just released their debut album; ‘Fear and Slothing in Sloth Vegas’. The album covers a diverse range of moods, cohesively blended with coastal vibes and introspective lyricism.

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