Breaking Artist (March 2021)

Written by on February 26, 2021

‘Breaking Artists’ on Base is a monthly feature where we pick 3 local artists and showcase 3 new tracks we think you should know. All ‘Breaking Artists’ tracks are fresh and featured for the entire month so we can push their music far and wide.

This month’s picks…

Blaze the Emperor feat. Raiza Biza – H Town

Kiwi-Rwandan rapper Blaze the Emperor once again teams up with fellow Kiwi-Rwandan, and MC Raiza Biza on his latest release “H Town”. The track sees two of Aoteroa’s finest MC’s come together and celebrate all their successes, with the title referencing how far they’ve come from their hometown of Hamilton.

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IA – Ororuarangi

Ororuarangi is a dynamic yet calming composition which takes you on a journey exploring traditional instruments and originative sound design techniques. An intimate glimpse into the soundscape of taonga pūoro, most notably the putorino, a traditional flute, whose shape resembles the case moth, which embodies Hineraukatauri the atua (goddess) of music. The lyrics are inspired by band member Reti Hedley’s late mother, Rangiiria Hedley, and her work in the revitalization of taonga pūoro during her life.

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Zoe Moon – Bubbles

Through resonant low notes gliding effortlessly to angelic upper registers, Zoe Moon’s first solo release, “Bubbles” is an absorbing ride through a rich, sonorous and an unconventional tale of intimacy, an homage to Zoe’s now-deceased twin sister, Sachi, with whom she shared her formative bubble. “In writing “Bubbles” I took ownership of my story, and explored how that very first partnership continues to guide the connections that I form, whether it be with friends, lovers, or family.”

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