YOKO-ZUNA ‘Minority’ (feat. Noah Slee)

Written by on November 20, 2018

This week’s local eye’s video is Yoko-Zuna‘s stunning new video for ‘Minority’, taken off their brand new album Voyager. Featuring beautiful vocals from Berlin-based Kiwi Noah Slee.

The video is another incredibly cinematic entry into the Yoko-Zuna visual canon, created by Yoko-Zuna drummer Swap Gomez, who runs video production company March Man. The video captures some of New Zealand’s most scenic locations, including Tongariro National Park, Whakapapa, the Desert Road, Waiuku, and the iconic Horopito Motor Junk Yard. Speaking about the video Gomez says –

“Children are born without the ability to judge, and we thought that using this idea would be a perfect way to tell the story of ‘Minority’. In the video, two kids hold the keys to the future of the planet, and are the guardians of the earth. Humanity is gone, after we, the current generation, have ruined it by judging and hurting each other. The kids have the power to reset the world, and do so with the hope that humanity can re-start and be better. 

With his lyrics, Noah is saying something that is really important, not just to him but to us and everyone. We felt like the visuals needed to do justice to the vocals and the message and hopefully we managed to accomplish that.”

Noah Slee says working on ‘Minority’ with Yoko-Zuna was “a real honour.”


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