WAYVEE ‘Diamondsummer’

Written by on September 7, 2015


Auckland beat maker Wayvee has been dropping some serious heat over the last couple of years, and Base FM has been supporting his tunes since the release of Black Magic back in October 2013.

Amongst the 10 tracks on Wayvee‘s latest release ‘Internet Vol II’, are a couple of productions which tap into a nostalgic 70s vibe: Blue Sky / Good Night and this weeks featured track Diamondsummer. The sampled / filtered acapella intro makes way for Wayvee‘s signature deep heavy bass sound at the first drop,  followed by a synth melody and heavy brass stabs, then hits a double time switch during the final section of the song.

There’s obvious current musical references at play here: the 16th note hi-hats and general feel of the bass & drums could be considered ‘trap’, but that term is far too generic and tarnishes the style which Wayvee has made his own. It’s simply deep bass music.

Grab ‘Internet Vol II’ from Wayvee’s bandcamp page.


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