Vallé ‘Prodigy’ (feat. John Givez & Sam V)

Written by on July 19, 2021

This week’s Local Eyes video is from New Zealand hip hop musician Vallé with his new single ‘Prodigy’, featuring Sam V and John Givez.

Packed full of hard-hitting bars and witty punchlines, ‘Prodigy’ is a song showcasing the talent the trio has to offer. ‘Prodigy’ is an unrelenting array of lyricism backed by an explosive instrumental. Funky and full of flavour, the track is a stand-out release for Vallé. 

In between two larger than life versus from Vallé and John Gives, Sam V offers a lush and dreamy hook. The combination of styles creates a song dripping with swagger and originality. 

Vallé was born in Papua New Guinea, before moving to New Zealand with his mother to receive treatment for Malaria. Vallé’s deep connection to his heritage shines throughout his music. 

“​​I’ll be honest and say that we went way over time and budget with this video trying to get everything right and incorporate 3 different artists from 2 different countries and 3 different cities. ​​​​Obviously reminiscent of Trip Advisor but completely stands on it it’s own as a ‘deeper layer’ into the journey of self discovery and finding your identity.​​​​This film meant heaps to me and I’m proud of what we created. ​​Thank you always to @nzonairmusic for funding this project. ​​Thank you Jackkson Tucker for wearing some of the most specials colours to me with pride, our Engan bilas! ​​Huge thank you to @johnrossdp for sticking with it through the pain haha! ​”

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