Written by on August 10, 2010

upperhuttposse tohe.jpgTOHE is a ten song Dubstep/Drum&Bass album from Aotearoa Rap pioneers Upper Hutt Posse. Produced by Kia Kaha Productions with financial assistance from Te Mangai Paho, distributed nationally by Rhythmethod and available for digital download via Itunes.

Music sequencing by Te Kupu, Kiki Marama & MC Wiya with additional input from Koru, the beats are typically varied and the lyrics focus on Indigenous resistance and Tino Rangatiratanga (Maori sovereignty).

‘Mana Motuhake’ (self-determination) illustrates this most aptly and title track ‘Tohe’ (persist) kicks off the album encapsulating the vigorous pace which lets up only a little on the ethereal ‘Hineahuone’ (earth mother) and the downtempo dubstep of ‘Mohio’ (know) which closes the album.

Implanting assertive socio-political perspectives TOHE breaks new ground in Dubstep/Drum&Bass with it’s extensive use of Maori lyrics. It’s a testament of UHP’s versatility, musicality and unique character which sees them embrace and then reshape musical genres into their own style.

Vocals are a family affair with brothers Te Kupu & MC Wiya on lead, and Te Kupu’s 16yr old daughter Ataahua sweetens the vibes backing on 6 songs.

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