TOTEMS ’94 Fuck Em’

Written by on June 9, 2014


(source: Thump Australia)

Reuben Winter (aka Totems) explores the musical intersection between beat music, classic rave, psychedelic, jungle, footwork, dubstep and hip hop. Who knows what that actually means, right? But considering Reuben is formally of doom punk band Caroles he’s probably pretty used not being understood by everyone. What we do understand is that his track “’94 Fuck Em” is the perfect throwback to parties that happened before you could walk / read / be physically born. Considering most people currently raving with their eyes rolled back probably weren’t that active in ‘94, think of it as a historical reenactment—like the History Channel does. But instead of being bummed out by humanities horrible past actions, you’re bummed out by all the sick parties you missed.

“’94 Fuck Em” is out 20 April from collective Kerosene Comic Book on their second 420 Tape.


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