Thinking about getting a new pet?

Written by on July 19, 2016



If you’ve been thinking of adding a new member to the family, now could be the perfect time. Auckland SPCA are offering 50 dogs and puppies for adoption at half the normal price. Puppies under six months old are $142.50, dogs up to seven years old are $132.50 and dogs over seven are $80 with half price dog adoptions until Sunday 31st July.

Auckland SPCA veterinary manager Dr Shalsee Vigeant said the SPCA had become extremely full. She believed dog owners not getting their pets desexed was part of the reason the SPCA was so busy.

“We haven’t had half-price adoption fees for several years. We have more than 100 dogs at the moment so we had to do something. “I think there’s a bit of a culture around not getting dogs desexed in New Zealand. It shouldn’t be that way. Desexing doesn’t do anything detrimental to the dogs. The SPCA offers cheaper desexing deals for community service card holders and a lot of vets offer low-cost options.”

If you have room for a loving furry friend, visit SPCA Auckland for their selection of dogs and puppies for adoption. You can tag and compare your favourite animals and share their profiles with friends and family. Each dog for adoption has a personality type, find out more about dog personalities and adopting on the SPCA Auckland website.






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