The Nextmen vs Joe Dukie: Blow Wind Blow (EP)

Written by on November 27, 2012

Acclaimed genre-popping producers Brad Baloo & Dom Search from The Nextmen joined forces with arguably one of the world’s best Soul vocalists, Fat Freddy’s Drop frontman Dallas Tamaira – AKA Joe Dukie – in the Summer of 2003 to flesh out & record an idea hatched by Christopher Tubbs who, at the time, was working for ill fated London label Carbon Records. The trio met during Freddy’s first trip to London & with just four days in a front room to record, the boys enlisted band mates Toby Laing & Joe Lindsay on horns, along with the lyrical endeavours of Hamish Clark from Breaks Co-op to forge what would become something very special. The result was simply stunning, but like the path much trodden, the label folded, the record was never released & the DAT tapes lay undiscovered in a dusty archive until now. Thank heavens for a studio spring clean, a re-listen to love & the idea of gifting these tracks to beloved supporters of The Nextmen & Joe Dukie in the delay between long players. Time has not wearied this exceptional sound.

DOWNLOAD: The Nextmen vs Joe Dukie: Blow Wind Blow (The Unreleased Sessions EP)

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