The Midnights – Outside

Written by on December 6, 2010

Having spent their formative years honing their craft playing late night house parties, dive bars and crashing the odd folk evening, The Midnights have finally released their debut album on Loop.

Having now emerged victorious from various bedroom studios, The Midnights have completed their debut LP, Outside, and are set to officially introduce their charming and adventurous low-fi brand of roots-reggae to Aotearoa.

Now with their debut Outside certifiably done and dusted the band are once again limbering up for a string of summer shows that eagerly await The Midnights’ respectfully rough and ready, experimental and soulful presence.

1. Unsettled
2. Backway
3. Silhouette
4. Come Dance With Me
5. 2 Slow
6. Conspiracies
7. Sword And Dagger
8. Crown Of Fire
9. Outside
10. Anything You Could Do
11. Regeneration
12. Smoke On The Street

Live Performance of “Outside”:

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