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Written by on May 20, 2016


Welcome to our weekly feature where we round up our favourite articles/videos/music from around the internet this week and let you know our picks for things happening in the city this weekend:

You may be starting to pick up from this feature that as a collective, the Base FM crew has the weirdest sense of humour. Well, this week Oaariki found a whole youtube channel of really bizarre animation by the artist Cyriac and it’s honestly the best.

We’ve recently uploaded a bunch of our Talking Points features onto the website incase you missed them when they aired. We’ve been getting different local musicians like Tom Scott, Isaac Aesili and Mark “Slave” Williams to come in and review new albums by their peers. Check them out here, here and here.

Scientists have done some calculations and realised that the summit of Mt Everest is not actually the furthest away point from the centre of the earth.

The rapper Cam’ron did a brief but entertaining reddit AMA during the week, answering questions about Monica Lewinsky and purple fur coats while also comparing his game to a ’93 Jordan.

Last weekend Chance The Rapper finally released his Coloring Book mixtape, a gospel influenced album summed up with his line “I don’t make music for free / I make music for freedom”. You can stream it for free over at Apple Music. 

Two poetry loving astronomers use science to analyse the context of one of Sappho’s poems.

Our friend Viv has been busy working with local refugees to put together this amazing project together called Breakbread and we’ve been really proud to help out a little on the sidelines. It’s all building up to the first of a series of food-centric events on May 28th.

If you managed to trudge through the whole week without hearing our local tune of the week by mysterious newcomer Kama, do yourself a favour and add it to your weekend playlist now.

This video that deconstructs and breaks down the rhymes of some of the world’s best rappers is an absolute delight if you’re a real hiphop geek.

Speaking of geeking out over hiphop, The Internet Archive spent hours and hours writing new code in order to archive over 17,000 different mixtapes which you can now stream for hours and hours.

Our list of 20 Essential NZ Albums for NZ Music Month is growing every week. We’ve picked albums that have helped shape the sound of Base FM, albums that we’re still jamming 20 years after their initial release and even recent releases that immediately went into high rotation on the station. We’re adding another album to the list every day this month so keep an eye on that page.


Our very own Laura Lush and Dylan C are DJing at Ponsonby Social Club on Friday night.

The General Collective Autumn Market is on in Ellerslie this Saturday.

Arkham City Comics are doing their $20 a kilo comic book sale on Saturday too.

It’s a couple weeks away, but before if you’re already planning your ‘s Birthday Weekend, make sure you factor in a night at Leigh Sawmill. The Sawmill Selaktaz crew is reuniting, so get ready for a mini road trip.

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