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Written by on May 13, 2016


Welcome to our weekly feature where we round up our favourite articles/videos/music from around the internet this week and let you know our picks for things happening in the city this weekend:

The Growroom family talk to Martyn Pepperell about just what’s going on up there above K’ Road.

This documentary about Korea’s underground illegal tattooing scene, where even eyebrow tattoos have to be drawn on by a licensed doctor is fascinating.

And then if you want something a little more chill, this kind of domino video made with magnets and marbles is super soothing.

In 2009, an Italian artist named Gianluca Gimini asked 376 people to draw a bicycle from memory, and compiled the sketches for an art project called Velocipedia. Gimini turned the sketches into “real” bikes using 3D technology and the results are both beautiful and absurd.

This Atlantic piece that lists the 7 deadly sins as social media networks is surprisingly on point.

Why do old statues have such small penises? This fantastic art history blog tackles this age old question.

This collaboration between Polygraph and Billboard is actually pretty cool.  An interactive timeline lets you listen to the top rap song in the US from 1989 to 2015, and watch the tracks shuffle around each other in a race to the number 1 spot.

Both this new Kaytranda song and his dancing robot music video are made of the pure get happy stuff your Friday needs.

The origin story of anything that goes viral is always interesting but this Fader piece digs deep to clear up not only where this Running Man challenge started by also what it’s got to do with My Boo and why it isn’t reminiscent of MC Hammer’s signature move.

Got some hacking skills? Pornhub is offering $25,000 to anyone who can hack it (and yes that link is safe for work).


If you’re in the CBD today keep an eye out for the POP Percussion drummers and dance troupe. 

On Saturday night The Boombox Eulogy are releasing their new colab album with MC Simba Diallo at Neck Of The Woods. Huge line up of local up and coming MCs.

Fat Freddy’s Scott Towers is leaving Auckland for the country life and he’s been forced to slim down his record collection. Sad for Scott but great for us because Conch is holding a Pop Up Record Store on Sunday. Go score yourself something funky.

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