Talking Points with Gino October (17th June 2021)

Written by on June 30, 2021

TALKING POINTS on Base FM – hosted by Grassmouth
Thanks to NZ On Air Music
Date: 17th June 2019

Guest reviewer: Gino October
Featured release: Kruff Kurtis – New Life
Released: 2021

Featured track #1: Birth
Featured track #2: New Life
Featured track #3: Ancestors

Becoming a parent for the first time can be one of the most transformative moments in a persons life (so I’m told!). Kruff Kurtis captures this experience masterfully on this 7 track albums which meanders through ethereal and formative worlds of jazz, hip hop beats, dronescapes and ancestral instrumentation.

Gino October is making a big name for himself in the NZ hip hop scene with masterful lyricism and delivery. Being a close friend of Kruff and also hailing from Cape Town, Gino is extremely well-positioned to pick this record apart, and gives some great insights into how the music was created.

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