TALKING POINTS: Urban Pacifika ‘Pioneers of a Pacifikan Frontier’ with Feleti Pua (January 2019)

Written by on January 9, 2019

TALKING POINTS on Base FM – hosted by Ian Beatmaster Wright
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Date: January 2019

Guest reviewer: Feleti Pua (9-5ers)
Featured release: Urban Pacifika – Pioneers of a Pacifikan Frontier
Released: 1999

Featured track #1: Dei Hamo – International Whirl Rocker
Featured track #2: Lost Tribe – Five B.U.N.G.A
Featured track #3: Moizna – Just Another Day

FELETI`Sabre’ PUA: Rapper and member of Auckland Hip Hop group 9-5ers and former member of Nesian Mystik talks about one of the most influential Kiwi Hip Hop collective.

URBAN PACIFIKA: An independent Polynesian record label in New Zealand, started in the early 90’s by musician and producer, Phillip (Phil) Fuemana, who was also a founding member of the group OMC which made his younger brother Pauly Fuemana famous. Many of today’s Polynesian artists can claim a connection to Urban Pacifika in one way or another.

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