Talking Points: @PEACE ‘@peace’ with S.F.T

Written by on May 31, 2018

TALKING POINTS on Base FM – hosted by Rizván
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Date: March 2018
Guest reviewer: S.F.T
Featured release: @peace ‘@peace’
Released: 2012

Featured track #1: HOME
Featured track #2: DISFUNKTIONAL
Featured track #3: @PEACE

S.F.T: 9-5ers/The Midnight Trips beatmaker/producer with a unique sound always bringing a refreshing vibe to the scene.

@PEACE: was a New Zealand hip hop group. The group comprised lyricist and vocalist Tom Scott, also of the hip-hop group Home Brew; lyricist and vocalist Lui Tuiasau, formerly of hip-hop duo Nothing To Nobody; and producers Christoph El Truento, Dandruff Dicky and B Haru.
At Peace released three albums between 2012 and 2014 before the group’s breakup in 2015.

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