TALKING POINTS: HOMEBREW ‘Homebrew’ with Dirty (EnoXDirty)

Written by on August 29, 2019

Hosted by: Max Oldfield

Guest reviewer: Dirty (ENO x DIRTY)

Featured release: Homebrew – Homebrew

Released: 2012

Featured track #1: Dedicated to (intro)

Featured track #2: Alcoholic

Featured track #3: Everybody (feat. Lui Tuiasau & Lucky Lance)

Manu Walters (stage name “Dirty”) is one half of Auckland’s ENO x DIRTY and was a member of mid-late 2000s comic-book themed group Supervillains (RMC).

Homebrew was the award winning project of Tom Scott, Haz Beats and Lui Silk who released numerous EPs and a self titled album throughout the 2000s. Haz Beats went on to produce for Team Dynamite, while Tom Scott continued to create @peace Average Rap Band, and Avantdale Bowling Club.

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