Talking Points: AVERAGE RAP BAND ‘El Sol’ with AMIN PAYNE

Written by on July 30, 2017

For the latest Base FM Talking Points, Dylan C caught up with Melbourne-based NZ beatmaker Amin Payne to discuss Average Rap Band‘s ‘El Sol’ album from 2016.

TALKING POINTS on Base FM – hosted by Dylan C
Thanks to NZ On Air Music
Date: July 2017
Guest reviewer: AMIN PAYNE

Featured release: AVERAGE RAP BAND ‘El Sol’
Released: March 2016

Featured track #1: EL SOL
Featured track #2: FLY CASUAL
Featured track #3: POOLSIDE

AVERAGE RAP BAND is a project by former @peace MCs Tom Scott & Lui T Newton. From the derelict coffee shop waste land of Smith Street, Melbourne come two dyslexic track pant enthusiasts with nothing else going for them but a talent to make pointless words rhyme in succession and a knack for petty theft.

AMIN PAYNE is a Melbourne-based, NZ beatmaker. Making his name with his boom bap tribute to George Benson, Curtis Mayfield & Gil Scott-Horen, he has released several albums both solo (‘Saffron’ / ‘Cosmic Disfunktions’) and with collabs (‘APSD’ w/Sean Deans, ‘Collision’ w/Ben Bada Boom).


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