TALI ‘Forces’

Written by on June 9, 2014


Forces’ is a song about love, and the powerful union that culminates when two people come together physically, spiritually and mentally. Like the power of nature’s forces this union can often be awe inspiring and beautiful… it can also at times, be destructive and terrifying.

Born on a dairy farm, under the beautiful mount Taranaki in New Zealand, Internationally, Tali is considered to be one of the most prolific Female MC/Freestylers to emerge from the electronic dance music scene. After moving to the UK in 2001 to follow her dreams, She went on to work with some of the genres biggest names, including being signed to legendary Roni Size’s ‘Full Cycle’ Imprint in 2004 and releasing the first ever MC driven album in Drum n Bass. Since then she has won numerous awards, Had a UK top 40 hit, released four album, one mixtape, 5 SoulSide Sessions (a Drum n Bass mix alongside DJ Emma G), Countless singles and has toured the world extensively as both an MC and with a live band.

Now living back in New Zealand, Tali has just finished producing her latest offering ‘Wolves’, produced, written and performed independently and due for release Late October 2014 (Distribution through Warner Music). Tali has continued to perform up and down the country, working with a live band at times, and alongside her guitarist Harry Leatherby, as well as MCing for Drum n Bass events both here and abroad.


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