After a 4 year absence Seva Hifi are back with this track ‘Where Are You Now?’ the opening track and taster for album #2 to be released later in 2016. Track features beatbox from guest Zubbi the Beat Wizard. With a new album of deep Pacific electronic soul music exploring the idea of dream travelling […]

Throughout the Month of May, Base FM will be digging into the local music archives to present 20 essential NZ releases that we feel reflect the sound of Base FM. Spanning the last 20+ years, we’ve focused on releases which continue to play a part in the sound you hear on Base FM, and releases […]

Seva Hifi is a unique collaboration between producer Gmuva, percussionist Levani Vosasi & multi instrumentalist & soul vocalist Baz Suamili. Baz comes from a Niuean family of seven, and has a background singing in Niuean church groups, before a 9 year journey playing with his Father’s band the Tuleki Brothers. “Til I Make You Move” […]

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