Stauny Pops

TALKING POINTS on Base FM – hosted by Dylan C Thanks to NZ On Air Music Date: May 2018 Guest reviewer: STAUNY POPS Featured release: SHAPESHIFTER ‘Soulstice’ Released: 2006 Featured track #1: BRING CHANGE Featured track #2: ELECTRIC DREAM Featured track #3: ONE STAUNY POPS joined the legendary Queenstown crew Sunshine Soundsystem in 2003 […]

The first single from Oakley Grenell‘s next O.G. album, ‘Happenin’ featuring MCs Stauny Pops and JDouble is a playful throw back to the subject of growing up in New Zealand in the good old days, the 80s…when all of these guys were kids evidently! Also contributing to this lush, summery track is vocalist Roslen Ulaula whose soulful harmonies lace the chorus and Oakley’s brother Redford laid […]

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