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Straight from the Windy City of Wellington, The Paddy Fred Live Band are set to take over Neck of the Woods on Saturday the 8th of August with friends The Side Steps Quintet, K-Saba, Honebegood and Coco-M. Having spent time remixing tunes by the likes of Louis Baker and Estere, he emerges from the studio […]

Kapisi has teamed up with beats producer Si-Res (The Side Steps Quintet / Harbour City Electric / Young, Gifted & Broke) creating this ear-gasm scape for you to enjoy coupled with the turntable wizardry of one the UK’s top ranking DJs, Mr Thing (former member of UK Scratch Perverts). Kapisi states “Mr Thing was over in NZ for a HUDGENZ […]

ARTIST : Christoph El Truento TITLE : Sunflower LABEL : WONDERFUL NOISE CAT # : WN12027 FORMAT : 7inch Vinyl(40g vinyl w/Sleeve) Release In late NOV 2012 Produced by Christoph El Truento, Drums by Julien Dyne, Horn arranged by Isaac Aesili (Funkommunity), Guitar by Si-Res. This stunning piece of music from Christoph El Truento is […]

“48 Hours with The Side Steps Quintet” is a 6 track EP featuring Si Res, Dandruff Dicky, Hone Be Good, Tonga Vaea & Tyra Hammond. Recorded, mixed, mastered & released in just 5 day. Grab it while it’s hot! Released 12 October 2012 Dandruff Dicky: Sax, Production Si Res: Guitar, Production Hone Be Good: Vocals Tonga Vaea: […]

Recorded between February-July 2010, the debut album from Harbour City Electric “Without A Sound” is finally released on !2th September 2012. Dropping a track a week since the beginning of August, the Base FM tune of the week “Seek & Destroy” is a soulful gem with a heavy groove. Hailing from Wellington with various members […]

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