TALKING POINTS on Base FM – hosted by Ian Beatmaster WrightThanks to NZ On Air Music Date: 17th May 2021Guest reviewer: Meg TheronFeatured release: Church & AP – ‘At Thy Feet‘ (side A) Released: 2021 Featured track #1: OH NINEFeatured track #2: ROLLITFeatured track #3: YEAH NAH Church and AP met on the first […]

This week’s Local Eyes video of the week is the latest from Church & AP.  After being declared Aotearoa’s ‘Best Hip Hop Artist’ at the 2020 Aotearoa Music Awards, Church & AP embarked on their most ambitious project yet. A two sided album titled ‘AT THY FEET’. And this mini movie features 4 tracks GODSAID, ROLLIT, FEARGOD and OHNINE. Here, […]

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