Martyn Pepperell

TALKING POINTS on Base FM – hosted by Dylan C Thanks to NZ On Air Music Date: February 2018 Guest reviewer: Martyn Pepperell Featured release: SURLY ‘Trip To Warsaw EP’ Released: 2017 Featured track #1: 4Q 510-511 Featured track #2: THIRTEEN Featured track #3: TRAIN TO LODZ MARTYN PEPPERELL is a freelance journalist, broadcaster […]

LEISURE have done it again, serving up a superb summery-but-semi-meloncholic vocal tune over an infectious groove. Only 4 songs into their career, this Auckland-based collective have just clocked up a series of live showcase gigs around the globe, taking in Australian, US, Canada and at the time of writing, the UK. Mean groove, melodies, and no […]

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