Earlier this year Base FM featured the title tune from Jellphonic’s “Jell-O-Phone” EP, which was released exclusively on vinyl with no digital options to buy at all. Info on that EP here. 4 months later…. ‘Due to a complete lack of interest in my 12″ I got the hottest hotshots in show business to remix […]

Coco Solid aka Jessica Lee Hansell is the musician, writer, artist and philosoflygirl hailing from Auckland City. ’2 Wise 2 Wed?’ was released abroad on Tokyo Dawn Record compilation ‘The Boogie 4’. Coco Solid and Tim ‘Jizmatron’ Checkley have collaborated with a deadly pool of talent for the Remix Package EP. Kutcorners,She’s So Rad, Badd Energy, Boston Rodriguez, Five Foot Short have all riffed […]

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