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This week on Native Tongues… Featured Track and Artist CLV – Aidan Fine After jumping on Church & AP’s latest single, “MUSTBE”, YKK’s newest recruit is back with his own summer anthem. Despite being the new kid on the block, Aidan Fine is well on his way to finding his place in the local music […]

For this week’s Local Eye’s PollyHill teams up with Dera Meelan and Alexa Casino for ‘Spooky’, her first drop since EP Greatest Hits. The new single, fitted with the usual witty bars and not-so-usual blood curdling screams, sees PollyHill’s music video directional debut — co-directed with Freya Finch — nothing too far from Paloma Schneideman‘s skill set as an NZIFF award winner. Drawing from vintage horror cinema, […]

This week we started off with some throwbacks! ‘Where Yat‘ and ‘Cookin Soul‘ from JBrown and the Mic Smith‘s classic EP ‘JB&TMS EP‘ which was released back in 2011. The Mic Smith is the voice and JBrown is the beats. JBrown, a 175 IQ genius with the motivation of a sloth, is rumoured to have found […]

Despite delays and challenges created by COVID-19, the Pacific music community celebrated another year of outstanding music at the 16th annual Pacific Music Awards. The event was pre-recorded due to COVID-19 restrictions and aired as an online presentation this evening. The big winners were Elijah Manu and Albert Purcell – better known as dynamic Auckland […]

Taken from their debut album Teeth, brilliant teen rappers Church & AP share a brand new video for their  single ‘Hello Hello’. Produced by Dera Meelan and features 17-year-old vocalist Neko. “This song just further defines who we are as artists. Young and confident. It’s a simple premise that helps prepare our fans for the album. If not in […]

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