Written by on June 9, 2014


Sorceress is a 5 piece band from New Zealand, formerly known as Funkommunity. Their debut album ‘Chequered Thoughts’ was widely acclaimed around the world and saw them tour Europe and Japan in 2012. The creative duo at the core of Sorceress is vocalist Rachel Fraser and producer/band leader Isaac Aesili. They also collaborate with other NZ musicians including the band’s guitarist Dan Ryland.

Teacups is the first single from the forthcoming album ‘DOSE’ by Sorceress due to drop worldwide in May 2014. Jazz infused instrumentation interweave with stratospheric synth textures creating a soulful space for the bluesy vocals of Rachel Fraser. Both dancefloor orientated and contemplative Teacups takes the listener to an unknown destination, strange but familiar, somewhere between futuristic Deep House and Blues. | TWITTER | BANDCAMP

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