SILICON ‘God Emoji’

Written by on May 11, 2015


SILCON is the new brainchild of Ex-Mint Chicks / Opossum frontman Kody Nielson. ‘God Emoji‘ is the first official single and first music released from Silicon. To coincide with the release of the video, we’ve featured ‘God Emoji‘ as the Base FM local tune of the week. Enjoy the song, enjoy the video.

It’s cold as you ponder if someone is listening. Colder still as the answer alludes you. As you swipe and scroll and remember, you give in. There is romance in a blinking light assembled in China. Never be lonely.

Lurking amidst Auckland’s tranquil waters, bold mountains and dormant volcanoes insomniac Hawaiian-New Zealander Kody Nielson composes shiny and gorgeous pop-aspersions that loiter in the silence. Eyes never blinking, information never ceasing, it is seduction. Don’t stop. | FACBEOOK | TWITTER | SOUNDCLOUD | ITUNES

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