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Thursday Night Get Down with DJ Exxon (aka Leon Foley)

It all started off in the early 90’s rave scene in Wellington, moving to Auckland to study and building a long standing partnership with music compadre Louis B. Their love of quirky beats progressed to outdoor raves, a house residency at the Hush Bar, to a multi Genre radio show on the now defunct Red FM.

From here 9 years in the North London Drum and Bass scene, Exxon would often be found foraging through the record stores of Camden and Soho, this is where his passion for vinyl grew. As a regular to Thursday’s Movement Night at Bar Rumba, Exxon saw behind the scene and found it was not always about showcasing the latest tunes.

Becoming part of Resource D and B, DJ Exxon developed his craft in creating fusion of old Skool and new Skool beats. Not limiting his involvement in the scene Exxon found Origin FM which opened the doors to the underground culture, progressing to studio builds and a Friday night show. Between East London Parties with Resource and North London radio with Exxon put that vinyl collection to good use.

Returning to NZ to enjoy family life, Exxon keeps up to date with beats as released and with use of Serato still keeps it locked on the ones and twos.

Not afraid to pull up a tune the aptly named RELOAD show captures the vibe of the music.

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Scalai’s passion for dum and bass started off in 2017 at an Auckland DJ’s meet up night
called ‘Open decks’ where you were free to test your skills on a big rig, at the infamous
night club 'Pointers'. Scalai met DJ’s alike and created friendships that would be the
foundations of his DJ career.
Becoming part of the Auckland club scene, Scalai and his mates put on several gigs in
the Auckland CBD. During this period Scalai saw new tunes being played out weekly.
He believed that the quick release of new songs in this digital age has obscured all
music, old and new. This drove him to explore hidden gems in the genre.
From 2018 Scalai met with DJ Exxon and instantly found they had a similar perspective
on drum&bass. Exxon saw potential in this young DJ and decided to bring him along to
his Wednesday night show on Base Fm called ‘The Reload’. Scalai payed close
attention to Exxons mixing abilities and learned quickly that it’s not about playing all the
newest tunes, it’s about the progression of the entire mix and paying respects to the OG
producers, the producers that built the very foundations of the genre.
In 2020, the opportunity came to move the show to the Thursday night ‘The Get Down’
which Scalai co-hosted with DJ Exxon.
Scalai draws from a variety of drum & bass sub genres, from jungle roots to the new
futuristic sounds. Scalai loves to dig for a tune that you never thought you'd like but find
yourself drawn to it. He puts hours and hours into finding his material and it shows.
He is currently 1 third of Club174, which has hosted many livestream events and will be
hosting more events in the near future.
Now in 2022 Scalai has been given the opportunity for his own Base Fm show, where
he will develop his craft.

Q1: Where are you from and did your hometown influence your music taste?
A1: I'm from Auckland, NZ. Yes my hometown influenced my music taste. I would constantly
listen to the radio and found a love for dance music. I was always ripping tunes from

Q2: What started your passion for djing / selecting / collecting?
A2: I remember my older siblings had friends that Djed and I always thought that was cool. I
started djing when i turned 16 and got my first controller. I was mostly playing hip hop. it
wasnt until i was 18 when i started djing drum and bass.

Q3: Do you have experience in the radio world? If yes, when, where and what?
A3: Yeah, I’ve co hosted the thursday night get down with dj exxon for 5ish years.

Q4: Do you have any regular gigs or residencies where people can check you out? If yes,
when and where?
A4: No.

Q5: What music are you mostly drawn to? And is this different to what your sets consist of?
A5: I really like bottom heavy bass music, as you can feel it in your gut on a massive rig. My
sets consist of drum and bass music but I’m trying new genres of music.

Q6: Do you have any history with Base? If yes, what is your history?
A6: Same as question 3.

Q7: What is your show name and what does it mean?
A7: The thursday night rollout with scalai and slips. the meaning of rollout comes from a dj
term to let a tune play for a longer period of time so that you hear every little of big element
of production wizardary.

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DJ Exxon & Scalai Bi-Weekly – Thursdays 10pm-12am, alternating weekly between Thursday Night Get Down with DJ Exxon and Scalai

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