My Hood

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Wednesday 10:00 am 12:00 pm

With Juan

Where are you from and did your hometown influence your music taste?
I am originally from Argentina, even though I been travelling for over 20 years.
Definitely Buenos Aires had a great influence on my music taste and connection to the art

What started your passion for djing / selecting / collecting?
Since I was a kid!
I grew up listening the radio and all sorts of music, im a musician (I play Saxophone and
Bass), music is the way I express myself and the way I connect with the world.


Do you have experience in the radio world? If yes, when, where and what?
I started on the radio when I was 17 y/o doing a program on a local station with a few friends,
it was the best experience!

Do you have any regular gigs or residencies where people can check you out? If yes, when
and where?
On my Instagram and facebook I have all the info about coming up events and gigs
What music are you mostly drawn to? And is this different to what your sets consist of?
There is different music depending on the mood of my day…Im always keen to discover new sounds, rhythms from all around the world, tango and rock
and roll… I play a lot of electronic music and I like to incorporate live instruments on my
performances as much as I can.

Do you have any history with Base? If yes, what is your history?
I started at Base covering for Murry Sweetpants at the Special Needs Radio on Wednesdays

What is your show name and what does it mean?
The name of the show is My Hood
My Hood is a and is a piece of myself, my interests, gigs that I play/go and the people
making it…

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