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With Khan

Where are you from and did your hometown influence your music taste?
Originally from South Auckland & a small coastal village Orere Point. Living a Town &
country life definitely had an influence on my music along the way.

What started your passion for djing / selecting / collecting?
Back in the day I spent a lot of my time wagging class up town at True Tone records & other
Music shops listening to records, this was back when you could stand at a booth & listen to
albums prior to purchasing…… One album in particular that got my attention was Soane’s Tongan chic, I was like: Hey this
guys Tongan to?, we can be friends.
It wasn’t long before I ended up playing along side Soane & managed to cut some deals
plugging my gigs on George fm. After pinching mates hard drives time to time I soon built up some decent musical assets
Do you have experience in the radio world? If yes, when, where and what?
I jumped on with Radio Ponsonby for a while until it died. It was with my RP family that I started the Helium Radio Show on Sunday evenings

Do you have any regular gigs or residencies where people can check you out? If yes, when
and where?
Not currently, My past residencies were Sand Bar Waiheke Is. , Reef Bar Mission Bay & Murpheys in

What music are you mostly drawn to? And is this different to what your sets consist of?
Most of residencies in the past consisted of different crowds day in day out so I became
accustomed to a mix of different genres, with Hiphop & RNB being my grass roots although I
crossed over into the House scene for a while there,
There’s nothing worse then listening to some guy play the same thing all night….. I liked to
be the man of mystery with a few surprises haha

Do you have any history with Base? If yes, what is your history?
Im new here

What is your show name and what does it mean?
Helium Radio Show ….. Helium ……we on air & its not a downer

Any additional information you would like us to know?
I like turtles

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