Drunk Elephant Soundsystem / Sub Sonics Radio

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Saturdays 10pm-midnight alternating weekly Drunk Elephant Soundsystem with OOGUN and Sub Sonics Radio with LoweTone

Drunk Elephant Soundsystem with OOGUN

 is from Nigeria and began DJing on UK Internet pirate radio station Interface and various clubs around London. He’s played everything from Afrobeat to Jungle to Detroit Techno. After moving to Auckland in 2006, he received his Elephant-herding certificate by proving he could handle an unruly elephant even after 15 pints of Jager and began to do the Drunk Elephant Sound System show (named after the realisation that dubstep sounds like a pissed elephant wandering thru the forest). It’s also the name of the label he runs to put out Dubstep.

He also produces Dubstep as OoGuN, which means there’s always a fair sprinkling of exclusive dubs from NZ and overseas producers.

Website | Twitter | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

Sub Sonics Radio with LoweTone

Sub Sonics Radio with LoweTone (aka Jonny Lowe1 and SarahTonen) is a trip down the more bass heavy side of the musical spectrum. With a combined 30 years of music experience under their belts Sarah and Jonny have got a hefty collection of music to share collected from all round the world and beyond.

Expect to hear the finest cuts of roots, dub, jungle, DNB, 140, halftime and everything in between. Broadcasting from their own home studio Dunedin you can also expect a showcase of south island talent including the best DJ’s, producers and sound systems innovators!

Turn up the bass and lay low on the treble!! Every second Saturday night 10-12am


  • Saturday – 10:00 pm – 12:00 am

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