Saving the 107.3 Frequency 📻

Written by on February 23, 2022

For the past 6 years our friends at Fhloston Paradise Bar have kindly hosted our Base aerial and transmitter on the roof of their premises, enabling us to transmit on our 107.3 frequency into the neighbourhoods of Grey Lynn and Ponsonby.

The last boogie at Fhloston, 2022

Last month, Fhloston had to close their doors due to the pandemic and their building getting partly demolished. All the great memories we had at 46 Ponsonby Road will not be forgotten, thank you Fhloston!

After hearing the news and only one days notice we were thrust into operation to keep 107.3 alive in our original neighbourhood. With roof access to the venue being unsafe a new arieal and broadcasting equipment had to be built simultaneously with finding a new venue. As with all real estate, it’s all about LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION – well, and BUDGET!

(Technician Barrie installing our Ponsonby Road aerial above the Ponsonby food court after becoming independent, 2009)

Thank god for ‘the mantis’ Barrie, our technician who built a new aerial in record speed as well as our Press Patron supporters – your contributions of nearly $3,000 helped to buffer the sudden costs of saving our 107.3 frequency. Thank you Chris at Firewood Auckland, our new host who is situated high up in Grey Lynn. With this new location it should expand our airwaves further west into the Mount Roskill community!

(Base FM listener with the Base 107.3 van, 2012)

Running an independent radio station comes with so many challenges. Base is built by the people, for the people – if this is something you value, get amongst it!

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