Raw Collective ‘Just Desserts’ (feat. Simloco)

Written by on June 8, 2020

This week’s Local Eyes video is also one of our Breaking artist tunes of the month.

Celebrating teamwork, loyalty, hurdles and the great friends made through music, genre-blending band Raw Collective releases a new feel-good single ‘Just Desserts’ featuring Simloco.

Smooth with heavy distinctive grooves, ‘Just Desserts’ is the first single from the Raw Collective’s forthcoming album “The Good Things LP”. The accompanying video showcases the band’s electric live performance, allowing their audiences to have a sneak peek of what it is like to watch their live studio recordings.

 With smooth horns and infectious singing, the single sees the band showcase their diversity, coupled with stunning range of vocals, and seamless yet empowering instrumentation. The icing on the cake is Simloco, as he adds a touch of new school flavour to roll-out this chilled track.

On the release, Raw Deezy says “Sharing is caring. The topic is inspired from the bands few years in the music scene (New Zealand & Australia), touring and releasing, sharing the workload and looking out for each other,”

The byproduct of a musical pallet sees the band’s sound morph into high vibrations, making it the perfect tune to remind you how beautiful friendships can be.

Gaining prominent support from music gatekeepers, Raw Collective continue to build a brand that’s true to themselves. This single also serves as a re-launch, since the band’s debut album ‘For The Ancients 2018’. The band has seen some world class additions; emcee ‘Chris CK’, Sam Notman (drums) and Montréal producer ‘Ghostnaut’ writing keys.

Raw Collective, are a ten-piece Hip-Hop, multi-instrumental extravaganza from Wellington. Weave your way through the sounds of saxophones, trumpet, trombone, bass, guitars and drums resound in a full toned and captivating manner, creative, theatrical and memorable with a solid beat which will get you up dancing from track one.  The band effortlessly mix of the old with the new, a feeling of soulful energy, memorable and honest storytelling to a hip-hop beat, enriched by the sexy sound of a brass section.


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