@PEACE ‘Where I Come From’

Written by on September 22, 2014


@PEACE seem to re-invent themselves with each new release. The musical progression from their self-titled debut to the follow up ‘Girl Songs EP’ was a natural one, with the beats more subtle and each track rich in texture. This progression was even more pronounced with this years album ‘@Peace And The Plutonium Noise Symphony‘ – a record that expanded the musical universe in which @PEACE exist.

Throughout the musical progression, the lyrical aspect of @PEACE has also grown & matured. Tom Scott & Lui T ain’t no slackers either – the 2 MCs have found a perfect balance between lyrical content, spoken/sung delivery and a natural chemistry which is reminiscent of Q-Tip & Phife at their finest. After years honing his craft, Tom Scott’s wordplay is still as exciting as ever – while delving deeper into different subject matter and distancing himself from some of the earlier Home Brew lyrical themes, Tom still has the ability to put a smile on your face with his subtle humorous lyrics & connect with some of the mundane aspects of everyday life.

Case in point: ‘Where I Come From

Considering the band had just received some unwanted national press ‘Kill The PM‘, a song which seemed to alienate not only mainstream New Zealand but also some of their own fanbase, they’ve been quick to turn that negativity around and bring the attention back to the music. ‘Where I Come From’ is similar to the @PEACE feature on the Team Dynamite track ‘May 11th‘ – vocal harmonies which have a hint of nostalgia, yet nostalgic for what exactly we’re not quite sure.

Anyway… let’s not pick this thing apart too much and just listen to the fuckin song!!! @PEACE ‘Where I Come From’ is another great example of local musicians finding their own voice in the world, fuck the haters.

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