NXVA ‘4real’

Written by on November 27, 2017

2017 has been a good year for NXVA. After a one year sabbatical from releasing music, the 22 year old rapper/producer from Auckland has found a home under stage lights, performing at Ammonation’s release party, Merci Motel showcase 003 and Ourhouse music festival.

The overcast skies of Auckland’s western limits are a far cry from the heated streets of Retreat, Capetown where NXVA grew up in, but they have become a steady influence in his music. Moving here at 16 years old bought a change of culture and a change in direction for NXVA as he drew a new path and forged a home in New Zealand. His story is one of ambition, rejection and resilience – sentiments that echo throughout his music, leaving the listener with a resounding inspiration drawn from a refreshingly honest take on finding one’s feet.  

As Ammonation’s newest recruit, NXVA is the man to keep an eye on.  His first EP- ‘Shock value’ is available on all platforms from November 28th.

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