Base FM now broadcasting in WANAKA

Written by on July 9, 2013

BASE FM is now Broadcasting LIVE in Wanaka on 107.3FM – just in time for winter!

For a limited time, the new frequency has been made possible with the help of Sam Hudson owner, operator and manager of community radio station Wanaka Beats FM. Broadcasting independently since 2006 on the low-powered 107.3FM, they have always shared a similar sound to Base FM: good quality beats! 

“It’s a real treat to have BASE FM in Wanaka, there’s a lot of young people that travel here each year & we all need fresh sounds, it means that we can have an outlet for music, gigs and keep tabs of what’s fresh in New Zealand music. It’s nothing short of a great thing; we are very lucky to have this happen” says musician and teacher, Daimon Schwalger aka The Nomad from Wanaka. 

Broadcasting in Wanaka on 107.3FM is yet another illustration of BASE FM’s enduring drive and passion to bring quality underground music culture to new parts of New Zealand. 

Listenership continues to grow nationwide with BASE FM on Freeview Channel 71. During the recent digital TV switchover, research has shown that that 82% of unconverted homes in the South Island chose to go with Freeview, placing Base FM in a great position to further extend it’s listenership.

With a rotation of 56 weekly shows and over 80 DJs, Base FM boasts a ‘100% DJs choice’ music policy which ensures the music is always fresh, dynamic and always timeless.

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