NOAH SLEE ‘DGAF (feat. Shiloh Dynasty)’

Written by on December 12, 2016

‘DGAF’ is the first single from Noah Slee‘s forthcoming “Otherland Mixtape”.

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Noah Slee is a talented New Zealander who is currently Berlin based. The RnB singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist has been bumping around for a while now, but has recently shared a new single in the form of ‘DGAF’ – a sample of his upcoming project, the Otherland mixtape to be released on Wondercore Island.

Produced by Ben Esser, ‘DGAF’ starts off with some smooth guitar chords and heavy drums before the wonderfully emotive and dynamic vocals from Noah Slee come in. He can change his style and flow up so quick you can’t predict where he’s gonna take it, but no matter where he goes, it sounds smoother than butter.

The track features a sample of internet phenomenon Shiloh Dynasty which can be heard in the beat for most of the song, before it takes front of stage during the hook. Noah Slee details the interesting process of getting Shiloh on the track with some extra details on the overall process:

‘The process was an interesting one. Collaborator (German native) Ben Esser first sampled Shiloh Dynasty from their instagram account. Ben pitch shifted the vocals up, before I played a guitar line influenced by the melody. When we decided to properly release the song on the, we had to try and get in contact, which was hard. We found out Shiloh was a fan of (Wondercore Island roster mate) Hiatus Kaiyote, who happened to be in the same city as they were and their management managed to meet up via a twitter exchange and get Shiloh to sign off on the song.’

This track has some of the most unexpected moments during the verses, where Slee goes from singing into fast syncopated rapping like the New Zealand version of Andre 3000. The hook also has a beauty to it, where the sample of Shiloh takes up the spotlight as Noah‘s vocals slowly rise up to harmonise with the sample. It’s just such a complete moment, it makes you want to hear the hook over and over again.

Noah Slee has really set the bar high for his new project coming out early next year. We look forward to hearing more tracks as they come out and will definitely keep our ear to the ground for more news about the release of his mixtape Otherland.



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