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Written by on April 24, 2015



Looking for something that will fire you up? Look no further. Frankton Heat Hot Sauce will fuel your senses and be a sure fire hit at your next gathering.

Hand made hot sauce produced locally in Frankton, Queenstown, using all natural ingredients, no nasty preservatives and no colouring, Frankton Heat is undoubtedly the preferred hot sauce of the Base FM office crew!

Here’s the story of how Frankton Heat was born, as told by “The Boss” himself…

“After a grueling 10 years of cooking in world class restaurants I had decided it was time to relax, reflect and ride! After a very slow start to the Otago ski season in 2014 I ended up having far more time on my hands than expected.

My love of all things spicy coupled with a few dollars in the bank account led me to a night long frenzy of rummaging through the pantry and fridge to throw together an ad-lib hot sauce. After a bit of crafty maturing, blending, seasoning and tweaking I was left with 5 litres of sauce.

There was no way I would be able to consume this amount on my own, so I decided to give it away for free on a local Facebook trading page – needless to say it flew out the door!

Word got out about a black market hot sauce flooding the streets and soon I was overwhelmed and had to make the sauce to order. Restaurants, supermarkets and other businesses were asking where they could get this hot commodity.

By this stage it was no longer a secret and the authorities intervened, giving a friendly heads up to tighten up my operations and turn it into a legit business venture. How can you start a business without even having a name? I created a poll and over 200 locals voted on a choice of 3 names that were put forwards, and with over 90% vote, Frankton Heat was born!”

Base FM highly recommends you seek out Frankton Heat Hot Sauce. It’s creeping into restaurants and good food establishments around the country right now, or you can follow the links below to order your own supply for your kitchen, check out recipe suggestions and for more information about the sauce.

Frankton Heat proudly sponsor the Base FM Gig Guide and bring you the ‘Frankton Heat Beat’ every Friday morning on the Breakfast Show.

ps. Nyntee says put a few dollops of Frankton Heat Hot Sauce in your mashed potatoes before serving. Bam!

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