Native Tongues with Yannika – April 2021

Written by on April 12, 2021

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Featured Track and Artists:
SOUTHSIDE’ from the upcoming project ‘Iron Flowerz’, the new EP by ‘SCIZZORHANDS’ AND ‘KEVIN POSEY’

Southside’s around the world ain’t so different

Scizzorhands and Kevin Posey are proud to be releasing their first full collaborative project ‘Iron Flowerz’.

After successful engagement in their previous collaborative works, including songs on each others albums and a single on Base FM’s Turn it Up compilation, Scizzorhands and Posey started entertaining the idea of an EP.

After many ideas and demos, Scizzorhands and Kevin Posey tracked the EP for an April 16 release, and now you get the first listen. Staggering the EP release we have the second release SOUTHSIDE.

After some back and forth with multiple concoctions Kevin ended up loving a beat not actually meant for the project. He heard something in the skeleton of an idea he couldn’t leave alone, sending Scizzorhands back into the studio. After almost completing the demo Kevin Posey expressed his interest in Bella Shanti’s laid back style of rapping and how it would fit the song perfectly. In agreement Scizzorhands got Bella in the studio to lace the track. Scizzorhands expressed “The song, it’s tough but there is a laid back beauty in the rough edging” talking about the songs laid back tone and content while the writing also express’ the reality of living in such neighbourhoods.

A perfect match of laid back production and silky smooth vocal’s, Southside could be the new Southside anthem of OKC and even Auckland. Because at the end of the day, Southside’s around the world ain’t so different.

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Featured Track and Artists:
BETCHUKANT by Church & AP, deadforest

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Featured Track and Artist:
Free Falling by Gino October

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Featured Track and Artist:
Nunchucks by Taylor B-W

Tucked inside a pop shell lies Sydney-born, Kiwi singer-songwriter, Taylor B-W, who blends soul-driven melodies with emotive lyrics that reflect her resilience and quest for peace within herself and the world around her, swiftly moving between the many facets of pop music to show-off different sides to her artistry.

Blending together cool-girl pop sensibilities with a knack for rich alt-R&B notes, Taylor B-W unleashes her new single, ‘Nunchucks’. Built against a rich combination of production, percussion and soaring vocals, the song is packed with fun attitude and spirit to match.

As her first release for 2021, ‘Nunchucks’ is a great introduction to Taylor B-W for newcomers though for fans in Sydney who have been following the talented artist, this is simply a fired up new addition to a strongly growing body of work. With influence ranging from Kimbra to BANKS and Halsey, ‘Nunchucks’ is driven by a sense of having fun and living for yourself.

“The song is about giving up on a relationship; I’ve done as much as I can, there’s nothing else worth fighting for in this partnership. So why bother? It’s a no strings attached pop song: nothing deep, just fun.” Taylor B-W

“Having always been inspired by ‘90s music and culture, including the bright outfits and cheeky attitudes of R&B female groups and artists like TLC, Salt ‘n’ Pepa, Janet Jackson and The Spice Girls, I wanted to give a nostalgic nod to that era by incorporating the ‘90s vibe into the whole look of the single.”

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Featured Track and Artists:
Family (feat. Hollie Smith) by Raiza Biza

African Kiwi artist Raiza Biza ends summer on a high note with a return of his signature sound for the new album ‘A Summer In Retrograde’ the first project since his Aotearoa Music Award nominated album Grand Opening, Grand Closing which was released at the height of COVID lockdown in New Zealand last year.

Featuring collaborations with the likes of Hollie Smith, Christoph El Truento, Beau Monga, NXVA, Blaze The Emperor, Mo Muse and more ‘A Summer In Retrograde’ allows Raiza Biza to gauge the world retrospectively, and from a more positive state of mind.
“This is the first project since I released Grand Opening, Grand Closing, during which I was in a creative metamorphosis, as well as trying to pull myself out of the catharsis induced by the process of making that album. But in the background, the world was on fire, and once the dust settled from the
ashes of my life, like the Phoenix reborn, so was my inspiration. Hence ‘A Summer in Retrograde’. Taking the obscurity of our circumstance, and painting it with a summer tinge.” – Raiza Biza

Making waves from his hometown, Hamilton, New Zealand and maintaining a relatively low key lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle, Rwandan-Kiwi rapper Raiza Biza has hustled a name for himself; built on relentless hard work, passion and perseverance. Building from the ground up, he has
generated a worldwide following that has supported over seven albums, and collaborations with Oddisee, Black Milk, Sampa The Great, REMI, Melodownz, Illbaz, Estere, The Adults and countless other talents.

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Featured Track and Artist:
Pour One Out and The Get Up by Mazbou Q

Mazbou Q is a UK-born, Tāmaki Makaurau based Nigerian Kiwi rapper and producer. His unique musical background of golden-age hiphop, West African highlife and heavy metal forms the backdrop for his non-formulaic style of music. Inspired by the likes of Fela Kuti, The Roots and Oddisee, Mazbou Q is known for confronting his listeners with an unapologetic style of socio-political commentary, while engaging them in the complexities of his unique cultural identity.

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Featured Track and Artist:
Another by La Coco, Hawkins

‘Another’ is a heart-wrenching tale of the ebb and flow of love, and the agony and ecstasy of the fall.  The track is the first release from her forthcoming EP, Too Far Gone.

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Featured Track and Artist:
In Bloom (feat. Georgia Lines) by Pacific Heights

This is the third single from Pacific Heights since his 2018 album A LOST LIGHT. Since then, Devin has released ‘The Weight Of It’ featuring Steve Spacek and ‘405’ featuring CHAII and Kings.

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Featured Track and Artists:
Heka Horcy by AP, Kamahumble

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Featured Track and Artists:
TG (feat. HP ONIT) by stndrd

“Just some boys out of Otara, SA having some fun and making music. Currently living in Western Syd.”

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Featured Track and Artist:
Wavy by Muroki

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Featured Track and Artist:

KICK BACK produced by EDY. “We really wanted to create a song for all demographics, that has a positive message as well as great vibes. We channelled Pharell ‘Happy’ and put our own flavour on it.”

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Featured Track and Artist:
Front Desk by Will McClean

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Featured Track and Artist:
Get Widit by Uts.

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Featured Track and Artist:
Stay Woke by 9-5ers

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Featured Track and Artist:
Even If by Tree, Swiss


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