Native Tongues with Yannika and special guests ‘Siiimba’ and ‘Chris RL’

Written by on May 26, 2021

This week on Native Tongues, Yannika chats to ‘Siiimba‘ about his latest EP ‘Tabula Rasa’, why he has three i’s in his name and more. Also featured this week, new tracks from CHAII, Kings, Uts, NOÈ, Dallas Harvey and Chris RL. Throw in some old tracks from local legends SWIDT and established artist JessB and it’s the perfect concoction of a typical Native Tongues show.

Chris RL is super late to his interview cause the Trains were down so instead of cancelling it, Yannika waits for him to turn up and then highjacks a quick spot on ‘For The Ville’ radio (Mondays 4pm-6pm with Bass, Poetik and JustRenzo) so we can still have a chat with him. Find out about his new EP ‘STILL’, all the amazing producers on the project plus a limited edition cassette player and cassette he’s put out!

Featured Tracks and Artists:

CHAII – ‘Oh Nah Yeah’
Lead single from CHAII forth coming EP Track is a with US super producer Party Favor

JessB – ‘Bullseye’

Kings – ‘Hero’s Death’ and ‘One Man Up’ from his latest project titled ‘Raplist’

Open wound – Dallas Harvey
‘I created this to express not only myself but to show people the struggles of the underprivileged communities that share the same experiences in this song that I grew up around. I hope you enjoy
listening to my story.’

Come Together – Uts.

B.I.M.B – Siiimba
Rumours – Siiimba
Independent – Siiimba
Day Ones (feat. tasmiyah) Siiimba

Honey – NOÈ

Off The Top – SWIDT, Diggy Dupe, Melodownz, JessB, Rizvan

THE PLAN (PROD. Iamtheofficial) – Chris RL

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