Native Tongues with Jay Knight & Assorted Hamish (25/07/22)

Written by on July 25, 2022

Native Tongues is a one hour show showcasing artists and sounds across Aotearoa – curated and hosted by Jay Knight & Assorted Hamish
Big thanks to NZ On Air Music. Tune in every Monday 3pm-4pm

Here is what we played this week!

LEISURE – Slipping Away (Flight Facilities Remix)
Mauri – Rushing
Mo Etc. – Genius!
Tipene – Nanny’s House (ft. Tyna)
Yoko-Zuna – Peace of Mind (ft. Raiza Biza & Bailey Wiley)
Dr. Reknaw – Advocate
Lontalius & CutMyLips – Mooncatch
Reiki Ruawai – Miller
Team Dynamite – Lightning Bolt (ft. Bailey Wiley)
Bad Taste (Alphabethead & Young Gho$t) – Basil Brush
SR Mpofu – Exotic Ways (ft. Times)
Tihei – Get Mine (ft. Rizván & Devolo)
Ferby – Every Night
LB – Mission (ft. Aunty Rae)
No Exit to Grey Street – Days Spent
Iac Music – Life
Tama-Gotchi – can’t escape
Saint Lane – the sun (ft. MAXINE)
Blaze the Emperor – Influence (ft. Lukan Raisey)
InDuna – Strange Fruits

Head to where you get music to check these artists out or just head to our Native Tongues playlist on Spotify (updated each week)

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