Native Tongues with Jay Knight & Assorted Hamish (04/07/22)

Written by on July 4, 2022

Native Tongues is a one hour show showcasing artists and sounds across Aotearoa – curated and hosted by Jay Knight & Assorted Hamish
Big thanks to NZ On Air Music. Tune in every Monday 3pm-4pm

Here is what we played this week!

SR Mpofu – Coat Shaker
Chong Nee – Musik (ft. Nainz)
Jordyn with a Why – Brown Melodie
Tamahau – Run2U
BrokeBoi Ace – Silver Lining
PNC – Slow Motion (ft. Jordache & Tom Scott)
LNGSLV – Bag It Up
Haz’ Beats & Miloux – How It Feels
Madis – Never Stop
HUGHTANNER & deathrune – Run It Back
Mazbou Q – Anybody (ft. Gino October)
Elias – Don’t Stop
Sven Illy & Spewer – Pressure
La Coco – Collide
Pollyhill & Dera Meelan – Static
Scapegoat Mercy – Mazel Tov (ft. Eshi Avizodn)
ReMac – Keep The Peace
Ecal – Making Records
Creative Mindz – Slow Down
Chris CK – Continental Breakfast
Aunty Rae – Wedding Vows

Head to where you get music to check these artists out or just head to our Native Tongues playlist on Spotify (updated each week)

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