Native Tongues March 2021

Written by on March 1, 2021

This month on Native Tongues…

1st March 2020

Featured Track and Artist:
Lightning Bolt – Team Dynamite, Bailey Wiley

Taken from their latest release Respect The Process, ‘Lightning Bolt’ features the glorious vocals of Bailey Wiley. Following on from the fast paced challenge of ‘Who?’ ft. Diggy Dupe and ‘Dragon Fruit’ ft. Louis Baker, ‘Lightning Bolt’ is a heart-on-the-sleeve track about the moment you realise your feelings for someone. 

‘Lightning Bolt’ came out just one month before the release of the hip hop trio’s long-awaited record Respect The Process, a record that showcases the older, and (sometimes) wiser Team Dynamite. The three singles released so far give a taste of the breadth of styles featured on the album and a new vulnerability that Lucky Lance, Tony Teez and Haz Beats have purposely allowed into their music.  

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Featured Track and Artist:
312 SWIDT re up – Gabez Colenzo

Featured Track and Artist:
Akl (feat. Dma) – Phulaphekt & Envioso
Kingmaker – Phulaphekt & Envioso

Ngāpuhi Emcees Envioso and Phulaphekt released the first of 3 projects, Kaupapa Driven back in 2018 followed by Kaupapa Driven 2 in 2020 and are currently working on the final one ‘Kaupapa Driven 3’ this year.

Featured Tracks and Artists:
ALLDAY – Lukan Raisey, SSU, D4niel, The Uce
BETTER DAYS – Lukan Raisey, SSU, Yung Jae

Lukan Raisey, a Cook Island/ Maori descendant making waves in the NZ music industry with his soothing vocal frequency. He’s Featured on David Dallas’s 64 bar freestyle Redbull challenge Lukan has carved his own lane with his word from the streets approach and his life story telling music that is family orientated.

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Featured Track and Artist:
Smooth ft hxrman x lil dust prod. dharmarat – Scally

Featured Track and Artist:
Picanté – Gibbeethevisionary

Auckland Artist Gibbeethevisionary is no stranger to the Base airwaves. He first featured on Native Tongues in 2020 and also featured on the last Turn It Up 2020 compilation.

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Featured Track and Artist:
Dilemma – Sapphire, JARNA, Blasé

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Featured Track and Artist:
What you Said (feat. JARNA) – EDY

Brought up in Auckland, New Zealand, EDY took immediate interest in music production starting at the young age of 14. Although classically trained in Piano, he switched his main to pursue his passion as a music producer & audio engineer. He’s worked alongside many NZ artists such as Poetik, Israel Starr, Villette, Sam V, Jarna, Razé, Swiss, bKIDD and more.

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East Aucklander Jarna Parsons is a soulful singer with a beautiful voice. No wonder she has been roped into a number of collaborations with the likes of Mikey Mayz and bKidd, who both share one thing in common with her – they all work with Auckland super-producer EDY. Her songs take inspiration from pop and RnB roots and her latest will not disappoint. We’ve been big fans of Jarna since her debut single, ‘Crush’.

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Featured Track and Artist:
Day Dreaming – Cassandra

Greek / Polynesian singer songwriter Cassandra has released her debut single‘Day Dreaming’ which is an RnB pop jam about being caught on cloud 9.

Marlborough based artist Cassandra Koutsimanis has been juggling motherhood, film and music for over a decade. Her Original compositions are a unique fusion of soul, rnb, pop, reggae and hip hop.

Cassandra is a diverse performer who is home in front of a DJ, band or as a acoustic duo. We look forward to hearing her first Ep which is in the works and will be released later this year.

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Featured Track and Artist:
Drop Nuts –  JessB feat. Rubi Du

Of mixed Kenyan and Pākehā descent, Jess B is one of Aotearoa’s top Hip Hop artists.

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Featured Track and Artist:
THERE4U – Deibeato, Noé


NZ artist Noé has collaborated with international artist Deibeato.

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Featured Track and Artist:
One Day – Diggy Dupé, Youngness Ikinofo

Niuean NZ artist Diggy Dupé has come a long way from the teenage days of making music with his cousin REDXROZAY, using the most basic of tools that included a motorola phone and a singstar microphone.

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Featured Track and Artist:
TWERKALINA – Shane Walker

Jump – Shane Walker ft. Chongnee

Shane Walker’s track “Twerkalina” was picked to be featured on the Base FM Turn It Up Compilation 2021. He’s described himself as a “MUSIC ARTIST ASPIRED TO ONE DAY WIN A GRAMMY FOR HIS COUNTRY NEW ZEALAND AND THE COOKISLANDS!!!!”.

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