24 August 2020 – Guest interview with Valere

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Native Tongues – 24 August 2020 | On this weeks show!….

We get to know Hamilton based singer, songwriter and producer Valere whose style is a unique blend of electronica and R&B. She treats us to a beautiful live acoustic version of ‘make believe’ and we chat about what’s pencilled in for the next few months. There’s even a call out for local artists who want to get on board to showcase their own music by performing online as part of her album release.

Her brand new single ‘undercover’ was supposed to be accompanied by a single release party but due to COVID restrictions she decided to celebrate online and offered her single up for $1 with part of the proceeds going to those who were working towards the cancelled show in Auckland MoveSpace and owlpine. You can still support by buying the track on her bandcamp here.

We had 2 unreleased tracks in this show. The first unreleased track is from Auckland born Melbourne based RnB-Pop singer/songwriter RUBY. Her honeyed tones, captivating melodies and rhythmic writing style has had us interested since heard her first single ‘La De Da‘.

Set for release on the 3rd of September across all streaming platforms, ‘Spell’ is the third blissful RnB/indie pop track written by RUBY. and her brother Andrew, produced across borders during the COVID lockdown of 2020, while he is based in Auckland and her in Melbourne. Featuring kiwi rapper DSCNDNT, Spell has a hard hitting beat that makes you want to move, with RUBY. and DSCNDNT telling the story from two sides, inviting the listener on the journey with them.

“Spell is a classic story of love and lust, of being swept up by somebody and watching the days pass by easily while with them, just the two of you.” 

RUBY. will be performing an online concert of all three singles dropped during Melbourne’s lockdown, and later in the year, if COVID restrictions permit, her first live show in either Melbourne or Auckland to cap off the year and launch into the next stage of her creative journey in 2021.

Digital single – available on September 3rd.
Pre-save ‘Spell’ on Spotify here.

The second unreleased track is from Dallas Tamaira aka Joe Dukie with his first solo release in over two decades ‘No Flowers’.

Written about the powerful women in his life, the way they hold it down with grace and make you welcome at their table ‘No Flowers’ is a peaceful slow song, a timeless classic.

The soulful rhythm and acoustic guitar reflect the aroha that Dallas has for the late Bill Withers, a musician who has deeply influenced his music. The lyrics were sparked by an Ans Westra photograph of a mother holding her child, her hands dusted with flour.

“It all came from that photo. In many ways there’s a little bit of her in all of New Zealand women. My Mum can relate to holding a kid and making bread with floury hands” Dallas says.

In March when the New Zealand lockdown kicked in, Dallas was just about to finish a mandatory 14 day self-isolation taken on the trail of Fat Freddy’s Drop sudden departure from Berlin. The dramatic halt to Freddys two month ‘Special Edition Part 1’ album release tour across Europe and UK proved serendipitous for Dallas and his music. For the self-proclaimed introvert, Dallas turned the potentially negative experience of lockdown into a positive and productive time.

Dallas says that shifting to a peaceful and slower pace of life and making slow music really made sense. Dallas is proud about leading the creative process and release for ‘No Flowers’, a contrast to working in a band of seven.

Joining Dallas in the making of ‘No Flowers’ is friend, musician and Producer Devin Abrams who makes music as Pacific Heights and is the producer for the Drax Project.

“Dallas and I have shared a close friendship/brotherhood alongside the odd creative collaboration for many, many years. It is now though, that we have closely begun to work together on fully articulating his own creative stories through this project. I have always treasured his approach to his art and how committed he is to each and every word he sings and it is an honour to be able to help Dallas bring to life these stories in the fruition of fully formed songs. Excited about sharing these songs with the world is an understatement and a half….” Devin says.

With an endless number of hits, accolades and successes over the past two decades, Devin Abrams is undoubtedly one of New Zealand’s most versatile and accomplished musicians and producers.

Digital single – available on August 28th.
Pre-order available here

She’s back and this time with an upbeat feel good track, award winning singer songwriter and producer Villette has released a brand new single ‘Curious’ which was our Local Eyes feature last week:

Auckland based Hip Hop duo Shiraz & LSJ dropped their new single ‘Risky’ accompanied by a music video:

Dusty Melody,

Wellington MC Name UL has dropped a new EP  title ‘The Deep Don’t Sleep’ – this weeks pick from the EP is Tongue Tied featuring Rhys Rich. Listen back to Name UL chatting on Base FM here.

The Settlers, a hip-hop crew from Lyttelton, Christchurch, have released ‘Love’ the third single off their forthcoming album (following singles ‘Swimming’ & ‘Plastic’). The track is produced by Tia Drumma, vocals were recorded & mixed by Adam Hogan

at Loho studio, Christchurch & mastered by Benny Tones (Organik Muzik Workz).

The Settlers, consist of Anthony Horan and Elias Tyro (lead MC’s), Laura Hunter (lead vocals), Mike Thorpe (DJ), Jin DeManchurian (Electric guitar), and Tyler Swali Robbins (Keys).

Find them next performing live at the Go Live Festival in Christchurch. The multi-venue festival will feature a range of shows and special events over nine days from Thursday, 24 September, in which The Settlers will perform at Blue Smoke on the 2nd of October. Event page

“Calisthenics” is the high-energy opening track for Gino October’s forthcoming project entitled “Look How Far We’ve Come”.

The track is an observation of the financial and emotional stress that artists who still have to depend on ‘day jobs’ endure. With a frequent mention of themes relating to fitness and athleticism, the song has two interpretations. Throughout the chorus, Gino raps about how he has “bills to pay”, or how due to insufficient funds he “ran out of gas” and ends up having to take the bus. However, he then resolves this by saying that it’s “going to work-out like calisthenics”, a form of exercise made up of a variety of movements that work on large muscle groups. Gino draws a broad comparison between the physically demanding task of exercising, to the difficult and exhausting task of juggling work and following ones dreams. Both physically and emotionally challenging. The upbeat tempo and lyrical flow acts as a reference to high level intense movement while the lyrical content depicts a determined individual in the constant pursuit of their dreams.

With an innate ability to translate emotions through their music, TECHNICLR are taking the much-loved genres of RnB, Jazz and

Pop and creating something uniquely their own. Interested in creating an entity that people from all over the world are able to recognise and identify with, the three-piece girl group have a strong focus on keeping everything authentic, letting their musical arrangements form naturally. “Even though we all come from different backgrounds, we connect over our passion and understanding of music.”

Their new single ‘Take It Or Leave It” is out now.

Luke-W new song ‘Staying Up’ is the third single from his new project ‘Timing Is Everything’ due out later this year. Luke-W’s

long-time collaborator Andrew Meyer co-produces the track. ‘Staying Up’ is supported with a performance video shot a recent gig in Auckland’s Whammy Bar in between Auckland Lock-downs.

Luke-W says, “‘Staying Up’ is about being positive, and being around people who are real and make you a better version of yo

urself. It’s the whole idea of the glass half full mentality, but also celebrating your successes with the people who help you achieve them and not getting caught up in what anyone else is doing.”
“The project title ‘Timing Is Everything’ really ties all the tracks together – it’s all about time…. timing, this time in my life, the times before and times to come”.

Raglan’s newest solo artist, Reiki has released his debut single, summer surf anthem, ‘Miller’. The lifestyle of the sleepy surf town of Raglan is reflected in the music of Reiki, (also the lead singer of Masaya) bringing his free-flowing style of surf and skate to his sound. To complement the enjoyable simplicity of the song, a clever, zero budget, one camera video was shot at a local Raglan cafe. With soulful lyrics, a voice that soars, the track flows perfectly over bass, drums creating a song that is pure vibes. The theme at the forefront of the song is a sense of relaxation, or as Reiki puts it “It’s a fresh, new style of harmonising that soothes a stress head.

Check out the visuals for Sven Illy’s new track produced by Spewer titled ‘No Man’s Land’.

Dirty and Hazbeats have teamed up in Crit+

Can’t have a Native Tongues show without throwing in an oldie but a goodie by DUSTYMELODY.

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