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Written by on September 29, 2020

Starting off this week on Native Tongues is Ōtautahi rapper Big Sima with his latest track ‘Back Up‘ which features Auckland rapper bKIDD. He’s also worked with Summer Thieves, Tiki Taane and Dick Johnson.

After releasing his EP ‘The Underground King’ (released in 2019), he became one of the highest streamed South Island rappers on Spotify with more than 80,000 streams.

Beau aka Liilone hails from a Valley called Matiere, deep in the King Country. He describes his sound as punk rap. Get to more about the rapper here.

After their double drop of ‘Laxit’ and ‘Deathwish!’ last month and the announcement of their nationwide ‘God Said’ tour, Church & AP have released ‘YEAHNAH’ their lead single from their sophomore album, ‘At Thy Feet’

The aggressive approach of ‘Laxit’ and ‘Deathwish!” take a back seat on the latest Church & AP joint, instead they opt for a refreshingly unique flow. With a similar flow to legendary UK MC The Streets, ‘YEAHNAH’ sees the duo run through their trials and tribulations.

‘We wanted to share our experiences as creatives in Aotearoa, speaking while remaining as authentic as possible. It’s a conscious effort. You’ll catch a lot of slang because as much as we want our music to travel – we will always be speaking to and for our community.’

The highly anticipated follow up to their debut album ‘TEETH’ is now in sight. The duo that have been constantly breaking the box of rap coming out of New Zealand are writing the next chapter of their book, starting with ‘YEAHNAH’.

‘New Devils’ by Diggy Dupé featuring SWIDT is taken from his debut album ‘That’s Me, That’s Team‘. The music video for this track drops this week over on YouTube so set your reminders! Follow Diggy on YouTube and watch the premiere HERE.

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Diggy has 2 album release shows, the first in Wellington on Friday 2nd October and the second in Auckland Saturday 24th October. Grab your tickets HERE.

B.I.G Pete, an aspiring young rapper from Auckland rapper. He has released his debut single ‘Mens Rea’ alongside 2 other tracks, ‘Get it Poppin’, and ‘Hoe’. This project has been solely produced by Crime Heat, a popular New Zealand producer, as well as mixed and mastered by Chris Chetland. Chris Chetland is known to have worked with other influential New Zealand artist in the past such as SWIDT, Scribe, and Pieter T just to name a few.

Mens Rea is a Latin phrase, that in English means “Guilty Mind”. This title is a perfect illustration of what is going on in the entire project, as listeners will be meeting a darker side of the Artist himself. B.I.G Pete is a full time student at the University of Auckland, studying a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Arts conjoint degree. Despite this incredible achievement, his life has been riddled with obstacles and various social issues that he had to overcome. Mens Rea is a glimpse into a different side of him, a side that reflects his past rather than his future.

The first track Mens Rea, is an erratic song where there is no chorus, but it is full of rap punchlines. Many people may not realise that there is no chorus, but the removal of instruments and implementation of bass drops in certain areas, as well as the fast pace rap style keeps the listen on the edge of their seat not knowing what will happen, or what Pete may say, next. This level of uncertainty keeps the listener engaged, and the evil laughter at the end of the song leaves the audience baffled as to what they were listening to.

The Second Track Get it Poppin, is a fun bop that has a nice chorus, and a nice feel to it. Pete uses three different flows for the verses, displaying his versatility as an artist, but he also does have a catchy hook.

BrokeBoi Ace is another young artist hailing from West Auckland. ‘Left on Answerphone’ is his first single on Spotify.

Cruisin’‘ by Sam V and bKIDD with the innovative, award winning production of EDY blends the seductive lyricism and charismatic delivery of Papatoetoe’s bKIDD, with the vocal chops and melismatic crooning of the Auckland’s SAM V. The track has been heralded as a soulful callback to 90’s R&B/Hip hop collabs with the modern subtleties in lyricism and melody. A fresh take on the classic feel.

The music video also dropped today. Directed by the amazing Conor Pritchard, it features up and coming artists Chris Bates, Jesse Realm, Siegs, Ron, Crystal Chen, BrokeBoiAce, Lincoln Tua, Aidan Fine, The WesternGuide & JARNA. Check it out:

South Auckland rapper and 64 Bars Alumni Lukan Raisey dropped a brand new project titled ‘Free Game‘. With no promo or announcements that it was coming, the popularity and support of the project by way of social media reposts and streams speaks for itself.

The project also has a stack of international and local features – Ray White, HNC, WE$, HNC, BIGGs 685 and LT.

Listen through to the whole project, it’s up there with one of our favourite projects of the year.

Featured on today’s show were ‘INTRO’, ‘HOOD CHAMPIONS ft. Ray White’ and ‘CRUZ’s LETTER’ ft. WE$.

Seaside Sloths are a sloth-themed, cartoon hip-hop/dance band from the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand. Comprised of two vocalists, two producers and two visual artists/animators, they have just released their debut album; ‘Fear and Slothing in Sloth Vegas’. The album covers a diverse range of moods, cohesively blended with coastal vibes and introspective lyricism.

The group is comprised of Simloco & Timbo-Drum Machine of ‘The No Problemos’, Jinz Moss (UK rapper and comedian), Legobreaks (NZ DnB producer), Theo Arraj (cartoonist and renowned graf/mural artist) and Phill Simmonds (award winning film-maker and cartoonist).

With decades of combined experience, Seaside Sloths deliver a fun message while touching on real world issues such as rainforest destruction and animal exploitation. 10% of all profits from streaming, live shows and merch sales we be donated to The Sloth Conservation Foundation to support their goal of tackling the problems that these animals are facing in the wild.

With a second album in the works and a bunch of shows lined up for the summer, the Sloths are eyeing up their next destination and steadily moving towards it, at a pace that could be described as anything but slow!

Up & Away’ and ‘Finding Fruit’ were featured this week.

Ending the show on a silky note is a 2019 throwback track titled ‘STARS‘ from Sam V and EDY featuring Sydney artist Bea Moon.

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